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FERRO Mari e Monti

FERRO Mari e Monti is the largest cycling event for vintage bicycles held annually in Chiba, on the Boso Peninsula, where hundreds of passionate cyclists flock from all over Japan.

Established in 2015, this event aims to do three simple things:
1) take a dip into the past by racing, on bicycles from the past and wearing classic woollen jumpers
2) to forget for a day the comforts of the present
3) to discover the beauties of nature and eat genuine food.

The name of the event, "FERRO Mari e Monti" ("Iron, Seas and Mountains"), is inspired by the beauty of the area where it takes place: the Boso peninsula. It also marks the connection with Italy, where the spirit of celebratory events with vintage bicycles was born.

We therefore invite you to Chiba, to spend a weekend of relaxation and fun.

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